..... ancestors
(28 ancestors; from 1st to ?th generation)

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sir : Ivanthes Iikaros

dam : Ivanthes Ggarbo

Metexa Sandsoftime

Metexa Gold & Metexa Goldfinger

CH Metexa Starlight Serenade

Metexa Lunar Eclipse

Champion Legsby Red Rebel
(26 Jan 1990 - 28 May 2002)

CH Wee Kos Milady Queen Ivanthes

IC S*Alien´s Calvin Klein

EC Liberho's O'heavenly Charmina DM
(NEUTER OF THE YEAR 2003. She is also the SIORBAJA, Norway Mostwinning Norwegian cat. IV cat All breeds and all classes 11 x BIS + 5 x BOX)

EC SW99 Liberhos Xellent X

Freudenreich Kalendergirl DM

Simone Silveryrose + Zeppelin Wellington

Liberho´s Tabby Yazzmina

EC EP SW ' 00 Liberho's Limelight Lover DM (1994)

EC Liberho's Charming Comet

Wee-Ko´s Harlyquin

S*Yahtzee's Zarkesha Star

CH Westgarth Mistycul Lady + S*Yahtzee's Sawadee
(photo by Joanna Dickinson, published with kind permission of Yahtzee's cattery.)

EC Westgarth Houdini
(photos are by Maria Westh (two left) and Eija Siik (far right). Published with kind permission of Yahtzee's cattery.)

IC San-T-Ree Pleasant Joujou + CH of EUR Pannaduloa Bizet

Fistra String Fellow + Tyemead Gentleman Jim

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